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I will try to cover all general questions asked in the following points, if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask me. I want all of my clients to feel comfortable and happy during their tattoo experience.


Please ensure you have eaten well the morning of the appointment, you will need to keep your energy up. Avoid drinking to excess prior to your booking, a hangover is a very bad idea going into a tattoo. You are welcome to bring snacks and a drink with you.


Please wash. No one likes a stinker. 

If you are not comfortable being shaved, you are welcome to shave the area of the tattoo the morning of your appointment. 


Please come dressed appropriately. Changing facilities are available I want you to be as comfortable as possible during your tattoo. If you have any questions feel free ask.

Can I bring a mate?

I politely ask that you come to your appointment alone. If  you are an anxious bean contact me directly and I'll see what I can do. 


All clients will have to sign a consent form disclosing any medical conditions when they    arrive. This is for my safety and theirs. I will always go above and beyond to make sure that you are comfortable, happy and safe during your tattoo.  Please don't hesitate to bring anything of concern to my attention. 

Card or Cash?

Cash only please, your deposit will come off the total of the tattoo.

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