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I'm Matt, your friendly neighbourhood tattoo artist! Specialising in Illustrative, fine line, Dark Work, Graphic/Dark Portraits and Botanical tattooing. 

I began my tattoo journey back in 2014, spending years working and learning the craft, I have found a love for American Traditional, Botanical, illustrative,Dark Realism and Dark Work.

I like to use a lot of traditional art influences mixed with graphic styles to create "dark traditional designs"

As much as I love skulls and weaponry  I also really enjoy delicate floral work and wildlife.   

I am never opposed to taking on larger projects, scar/blemish coverups or simply working outside my comfort zone. I feel each client has their own story to tell and creating something beautiful for them is very rewarding for me.


Had all of my tattoos done by Matt for years, he’s absolutely brilliant! Really quick and efficient, and All of my tattoos still look perfect, 1000% would recommend!

Jenna Hills

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